A 90-minute Workshop & Live recorded Q&A to help you work through any expectations you may have in your relationships so you can experience more peace, fulfillment, and connection.

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And you can now access the full workshop on Navigating Unmet Expectations that took place on January 25th, 2022.

The workshop includes the juicy and nuanced Q&A that took place at the end.

“May I continue to grieve my expectations of you, so that I can discover your love yet again.”

- Silvy Khoucasian

The feeling of an expectation unmet can be excruciating.

It can feel as if our walls are crashing down, and we can’t figure out a way to stand through it.

It can provoke and summon a deep well of untouched sadness and grief.

In the midst of our grief, there can also sometimes be an awakening, a humbleness, a new tolerance, a deeper maturity that begins to evolve and stir within us.

There can be a kind of maturity that happens when our partner simply can't give us what our mind thinks it needs, not because they don’t want to, but because they perhaps can’t.


That very moment, can open a new door to discover a new space inside of us.

A space of deeper understanding.

A space of deeper growth.

A space of deeper self-knowing.

It can be an opportunity for a more selfless kind of love.

It can be an opportunity to learn to continue to keep our hearts open to our partners through the disappointments that relationships will inevitably bring.

It might be a glimpse at unconditional love perhaps for the very first time.

It might be an invitation to give without any expectation of love being offered back in the exact way we want it.

It can be a tender pouring into and caring for our lover’s happiness and well-being over our momentary heartbreak.


Welcome to this sacred place.

We can’t and shouldn’t live in this unconditional space for too long, but it sure can feel delightful to taste this space from time to time.

Important Note: The words above and this workshop do not suggest that you should tolerate abuse in any way whatsoever, or that you should not express your needs, your boundaries, or your standards. The teachings in this workshop highlight moments where you may benefit from learning to tolerate unavoidable painful (not abusive) moments in love.

Relationships are complex.

I created this webinar to offer you compassion and insight into the often confusing experience of unmet expectations. I know navigating them can be painful.

Taking the time to understand your unique experience within unmet expectations can give you wisdom to know what steps you may want to take moving forward.

One of the biggest struggles people have shared with me regarding unmet expectations is they don’t know whether their expectations are healthy or if they are hurting their relationships.

There is a time when grieving our expectations is a MUST if we are to tolerate differences in our relationships. 

Grieving certain expectations can make space for our loved ones to be human; and all humans have limitations and flaws.

There is also a time when looking at the specifics of what our grief is pointing to can also be important. I cover all of this and so much more in the webinar.

Themes Covered in the Workshop:

- How common unmet expectations are in relationships (and that doesn’t automatically mean anything is WRONG with your relationship(s)

- The difference between conscious and unconscious expectations

- Why grieving is such an important skill to cultivate so you can experience connection and love more deeply with others

- How important it is to create agreements in your relationships

- How your upbringing and family of origin play a huge role in what your expectations are

- The difference between being offering momentary unconditional love versus having healthy standards and boundaries


“I would never normally send feedback for a workshop like this. Because often I find there is a lot of generic content re-hashed and while useful, I feel I sort of already have heard it. Well your session on unmet expectations was a total exception. It was phenomenal. Validating, wonderful content. It’s like a key piece of my jigsaw puzzle of relating. I screen-shotted so much and have got a wealth of journaling prompts and create a structure for myself, for coming back to a more pure form of love in my relationship and stop myself falling into this ‘hole’. I love your work and thought that this was exceptional. I really needed this and was so excited. If surpassed my expectations. Truly. Thank you. You are generous and gifted.” - Emma

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Silvy Khoucasian is a Relationship Coach and a Writer. Her heart mission is to support others in being deeply and soulfully self-connected and to use their self-awareness to create fulfilling and reciprocal relationships. Silvy teaches people how to strengthen their communication skills, their capacity to be vulnerable, and their ability to express boundaries. Silvy has been featured various publications such as Women’s Health, Buzzfeed, Vogue, Playboy, Allure, and Cosmopolitan magazine.